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Glo-Sho Enamel

Equinade Glo-Sho Neutral Show Enamel has been designed to enhance the natural appearance of horses' hooves. Glo-Sho is a clear enamel which is easy to apply and gives a remarkable and brilliant shine to all hooves.

GLO-SHO ENAMEL is quick drying and will stay on in damp conditions. It is available in a convenient 250mL can or a 500mL can with a brush attached to the lid.



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Equimax worm drench effectively kills every worm, including tapeworms and bots, in horses.

Up to 100% kill within 24 hours against tapeworm. Up to 100% kill against large and small strongyles, pinworm, stomach hairworm, intestinal threadworm, bots, ascarids, neck threadworm, large mouthed stomach worm and lungworm.

Equimax is the only broad spectrum antiparasitic for horses that is totally effective against equine tape worm and all other equine worms, providing an unequalled level of endoparasitic control. Equimax paste should be delivered direct to the horse’s mouth. Measure amount to be given to horse on graduated syringe 1mL/20kg bodyweight. 1 syringe of Equimax will treat a 600kg horse. Insert syringe end high into the side of the horses mouth. Quickly push plunger into syringe, up to the graduation while still in the horse’s mouth. After depositing Equimax on the rear of the tongue, immediately raise the horse’s head for a few seconds to ensure the full dose has been swallowed.


Paste tube  $15.00
1 litre liquid
5 litre liquid

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Strategy-T Paste

Strategy-T Paste is a broad spectrum anthelmintic for horses. The two compounds contained in Strategy-T combine to provide a high level of efficacy against small strongyles, including benzimidazole resistant strains, large strongyles, pinworms, and large roundworms.

Strategy T also kills more than 70 per cent of tapeworm activity, and is safe for foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions.STRATEGY-T comes in a Vanilla flavoured paste, and uses minimal packaging, making it better for the environment.



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Equest Plus

With the addition of praziquantel, the new Equest Plus now controls tapeworm in addition to other major gastrointestinal worms and bots in horses. Tapeworm in the horse is a cause of colic and its control is critical to any worming program.

Equest Plus Tape is the only horse wormer that is long lasting. with re-treatment recommended after 14-16 weeks compared to after 6-8 weeks with other wormers.

Equest Plus Tape is also the only horse wormer to have a registered claim to control encysted small strongyles in a single dose. Small strongyle worms hibernate or “encyst” in the lining of the horse’s gut and can cause colic. Equest Plus Tape has a unique gel formulation that dissolves rapidly on the tongue, very important for fussy and difficult horses. The dial up syringe is designed with a narrow barrel to allow easy access into the side of the horse’s mouth and deliver the right dose every time.



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Eraquell Pellets

Eraquell Pellets are effective against large & small strongyles, pinworms, roundworms, hairworms, large mouth stomach worms, neck & intestinal threadworms, bots, lungworms, summer sore skin lesions.

The cereal presentation is readily accepted by horses, making worming easier. If the pellets are initially rejected by a horse, mix them in with a handful of grain or feed.The pellets are safe for pregnant mares and breeding stallions but are not recommended for use on foals.



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Animalintex Poultice

Animalintex Poultice is a versatile horse healthcare product. Animalintex is a poultice dressing for use on horses and dogs to treat infected and open wounds, cracked heels, mud fever, puncture wounds, laminitis, thrush, seedy toe, capped hocks and elbows, splints and sore shins.

The dressing also relieves sprains and bruises and helps prevent inflammation, and can be applied as a hot or cold dressing depnding on the situation.If used as a dry dressing, Animalintex can be used numerous times with the same effectiveness.

Boric acid and tragacanth are two of the active ingredients that make this product so effective.


Our Price: AUD $15.50  

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polarfleece bandages

Polarfleece bandages that come in a great range of colours available in-






light grey


dark grey


dark green


light yellow


dark red


$27.00 set of 4



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Wrap Around

Wraparound Bandaging Tape is a cohesive lightweight bandage that repells water and stretches and sticks to itself. Ideal for use as protection, compression and to hold dressings in place.

Wraparound can be used for injuries requiring bandaging, tail wrap, and to hold dressings in place. Wraparound Bandaging does not stick to hair or skin, it only sticks to itself. There is no need for pins, clips or adhesive tape.

Wraparound Bandaging Tape is 10 cm x 2.2m and is available in eight different colours.


Our Price: AUD $3.50  

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