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Electromix Electrolytes and Sweat

All horses receiving ongoing training for performance events or racing should take special care of daily electrolyte replacement to maintain body fluid balance and prevent dehydration. Regular administration, prior to sweating, makes sure muscles can perform at optimum levels.

Many people fail to realise that horses need more than just one salt. Electromix is bicarbonate free but contains a balanced mix of sodium, potassium, sulphate and chloride ions. All of these salts are lost in sweat and when provided in correct ratios can improve stamina, leading to better performance.

It is recommended to use Electromix on a daily basis, complimented by a rehydration drink, to build body reserves prior to events.



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Equivit Restore

Equivit Restore replaces electrolytes lost during exercise and travel. Through their sweat horses lose chloride, sodium, potassium and small amounts of calcium and magnesium.

If these electrolytes are not replaced, horses will be dehydrated, suffer from muscular weakness, fatique and poor performance. The composition of Equivit Restore mimics that of horse sweat and restores eletrolyte balance. The dose rate should be adjusted according to the amount of sweat loss.

The dose of Restore that needs to be administered should vary according to sweat loss and work intensity. Divide daily dose among feeding times and mix well with feed. Provide horses access to salt block or additional loose salt.



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Available in 1.25lt ,4lt  ,16lt



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Rose hip vital equine


Available in 1kg and 3kg sizes

1kg $189.95

3kg $469

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Skarknet joint powder


1kg $119


2kg $249


5kg $567



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Hush calming powder

1.2kg  $110



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Tuffrock equine joint formulae



Tuffrock joint formulae

2.5kg $55

5kg $95

10kg $175







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Tuffrock conditioner plus

Tuffrock conditioner plus


1lt $49


4lt $155


10lt $379



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Troy Hoss Gloss

Hoss Gloss is a medicated shampoo for routine use as well as for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of the skin in horses and cattle.

To use, apply a small quantity of Hoss Gloss medicated shampoo and massage into coat. Rinse. Reapply and massage into coat for 10-15 minutes. Rinse, removing excess with a scraper. Dry and groom. For bacterial or fungal infections wash the affected areas once daily until the treated area is healed.

Hoss Gloss comes in 1L, 5L,



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Amimo Gloss

What’s In It?

AminoGLOSS contains amino acids, lanolin, cherry deodorisers that promote softer skin, glossy hair and a fresh clean smell.
How Does It Work?

AminoGLOSS has been specifically designed to carefully cleanse and condition the coat, while at the same time helping the skin to stay soft and supple. The amino acids in AminoGLOSS help clean and nourish the skin and increase the gloss of the hair.

Your horses’ coat will not only be healthier, it will look healthier too. The highly concentrated form of AminoGLOSS means you only need to use a small amount each wash, making it very economical. However, although concentrated, AminoGLOSS is mild enough to use daily. The lanolin, almond oil and coconut oil contained in AminoGLOSS helps to soften the coat, while the cherry fragrance leaves the coat smelling beautiful.How Is It Used?

Wet animal thoroughly. Dilute a small amount of AminoGLOSS in a bucket of clean water. Suds animals’ coat thoroughly with a sponge or brush. Rinse clean and remove excess water with a towel, or scraper. 1 litre and 5 litre



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Equinade Shampoo

The EQUINADE "SHOWSILK" shampoo and conditioner range is designed to make your animal's coat look and stay in top condition. All "SHOWSILK" products are pH balanced according to the needs of your animal's skin.EQUINADE SHOWSILK CONCENTRATE SHAMPOO cleans off all traces of grime and dirt. At the same time, the special medicinal qualities nourish the coat and skin, preventing scurf and assisting in the control of dermatological conditions and tropical bacterial infections such as ring worm.



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Equinade Conditioner

After shampooing with EQUINADE SHOWSILK CONCENTRATE SHAMPOO, it is important to finish off with a conditioner in order to close the cuticle. This will prevent the coat from drying and fading.EQUINADE SHOWSILK PROTEIN CONDITIONER is designed to restore the natural acid mantle (pH level) after shampooing and add lustre to the coat. The two active ingredients in this conditioner are Aloe Vera and Protein.

Aloe Vera acts as a gentle stabiliser for excess oil and is well known for its ability to assist with minor dermatological problems. Aloe Vera also adds shine and protects the coat with a fine conditioning film.

Simultaneously, the protein in the conditioner is absorbed by the hairs to give the coat a lot of body and protect the individual hairs from splitting and drying. SHOWSILK CONDITIONER is also ideal for manes and tails after shampooing to untangle and shine.Available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres and 20 litres



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Equis White Star Shampoo

Equis White Star Shampoo is a soap free, pH balanced shampoo containing optical brighteners.

It adds brilliance and shine to the coat, and is ideal for grey or white horses, and will brighten white markings on dark horses.Available in 500ml


Our Price: AUD $9.50  

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Equis Fre Itch Shampoo

Equis Fre Itch Shampoo is a medicated shampoo for use as an aid in the treatment of non-specific dermatological conditions in horses.

The cooling, soothing qualities of the shampoo come from cresol (coal tar) and cetrimide (antimicrobial).

Fre Itch Shampoo will assist in the control of bacterial or fungal skin infections. It will remove scurf and enhance coat growth. The soothing effects will help eliminate the need for persistent scratching that can further damage the skin.The product can also be used as a general shampoo to improve the sheen and condition of the coat.

Available in 250mL


Our Price: AUD $14.50  

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Equinade 'Glo' Shampoos

Equinade's range of 'Glo' shampoos are formulated with natural colours and optical brighteners to enhance the depth of colour, leaving a brilliant and lasting sheen. “Showsilk” Glo-Shampoos are concentrated and have high cleaning capabilities, making them economical to use.

Available in 250ml, 500 mL, 1L,

Depending on the colour of the horses' coat, choose from Glo-Bay, Glo-Black, Glo-Chestnut or Glo-White.



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Equis Dry Coat Shampoo

Equis Dry Coat Shampoo is specifically designed for horses with dry, sensitive or itchy skin.

It is soap free, pH balanced and contains oatmeal and aloe vera to soothe irritated skin.

Available in 500mL,


Our Price: AUD $9.50  

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Equis Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner

Equis Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner is a soap free, pH balanced for all colour types.

It is gentle on horses but effectively cleans and conditions, and is suitable for frequent use.Available in 500ml


Our Price: AUD $9.50  

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Showsilk Hair Polish

Equinade "Showsilk" Hair Polish produces a gloss finish that can last for days. For use on a wet or dry coat, "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH reduces grooming time by helping to prevent staining and by repelling dust and dirt. After an application long-haired coats, manes and tails will be easily untangled and knots may be prevented from returning.

Hair Polish contains a neutralizing anti-static agent to ensure hair lies smoothly to enhance the outline of horses. The formulation also contains an optical brightening agent and is pH balanced so that your animal's coat will look soft, shiny and healthy.The product is packaged in a convenient 500ml bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle to assist in achieving an even coverage on animals' coats. Refills of the non-toxic and gently fragranced "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH are available in 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt recyclable bottles



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World's Best Hoof Oil

World's Best Hoof Oil will dramatically improve the condition of hoofed animals, from foals to aged stock, within seven to ten days.

The makers of World's Best Hoof Oil have so much confidence in their product that they offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The secret of World's Best Hoof Oil is that it is a liquid not a paste. Pastes often sit on the outside of the hoof, but are not absorbed. Liquids are absorbed with ease, providing far superior results to pastes.

If a horse has hooves that are poor it will walk poorly and compensate in other parts of the body. If it is left untreated a horse will feel pain throughout the shoulder, neck, spine and sciatica’s. World's Best Hoof Oil is guaranteed to work in all climates and conditions. Silicone has been added to the original formula, to aid the waterproofing of the hoof.

In addition to silicone, other ingredients in World's Best Hoof Oil include saligari oil, emu oil, wood tar, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, neatsfoot oil and tallow and Stockholm tar.



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Equinade Hoof Lube

Equinade Hoof Lube is a brush on lubricant which will ensure your horse's hooves remain healthy. This high quality product is made from the finest natural ingredients, including lanolin and horse oil, which may stimulate growth and help prevent chipping, cracking and contraction.

Hoof Lube also has the added benefit of an anti-bacterial ingredient which may aid in the control of diseases in horses' hooves.

It is recommended that Hoof Lube be used daily. Application is best made with a soft brush, paying particular attention to the coronet band and hoof wall.Available in 500 ml, 1 litre,



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