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High horse Gut health +

Horse horse will SHINE from inside out on Gut health +

+ Aids in digestive tract functions 

+ Stablilise hindgut pH levels

+ Immune support 

+ Regulate and maintain optimal nutritional absorption

Gut Health+ is a hypoallergenic, GMO free, easily digestible, raw, plant-based superfood! The gluten-free option for your horse. And these little seeds are 100% Australian grown and sown.

+ Research shows that fibre is excellent for a horses’ digestive system and is an effective remedy for gastrointestinal issues. Gut Health+ fibre is unique - rich in fibre, low in starch, antimicrobial, and is packed with bio-active digestive enzymes. These enzymes help break down food in the small intestine which are then converted into energy. Horses are hindgut-thriving, fibre-fermenters: when their hindguts are working well, they radiate health.  

+ Horses evolved primarily as grazing herbivores, eating a fibre plant-based diet, consisting of seasonal grasses, shrubs, trees and other foliage. Their digestive systems have developed to consume primarily fibre. This makes up 70% of a horse’s daily calorie requirement. Fibre (cellulose) is converted into energy through the pouches of their digestive system. Unfortunately, today’s typical horse feeds are mostly cultured grains and pellets, which are nutrient dense, high in fat, protein, gluten, sugar and starch. This low fibre/high grain feeding regimen can lead to gastrointestinal tract issues such as mucosal lesions, laminitis, haemorrhaging, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, scouring, colic, gastritis and hindgut acidosis. 

+ Hindgut acidosis is very prevalent amongst horses. It is when there are high levels of acidity in the horse’s hindgut, causing an imbalance in the ph levels and the growth of unhealthy bacteria. The low fibre fermenting bacteria are then depleted as they don’t thrive in high-acidic environments. If your horse’s hindgut is off, you can almost be certain that they will not be getting the most out of their nutrient intake, making them susceptible to health issues and loss of condition. They will certainly not be reaching their full potential.  

+ On the other hand, when a horse is eating a low sugar, low fat, high fibre diet, the fermenting bacteria will dominate the hindguts’ good bacterial population and provide for a lovely stable hindgut. The good news is that Gut Health + has been specifically formulated to address hindgut issues. The unique ferments of this fibre also provide enzymes and vital nutrients: vitamins and volatile fatty acids (VFA’s), to directly help the metabolism and immune responses against unwanted pathogens. Gut health has been a major revolution in nutritional science in recent years, and plays a vital role in the health of your horse.  Investing in your horse's gut is one of the best choices you will make as a horse owner. 

3kg $49.95

10kg $84.95

Available in 3kg & 10kgs.  





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High horse Vitality +

Give your horse increased VITALITY!


VITALITY+ a hypoallergenic, easily digestible, raw superfood, naturally high in fibre zinc, iron, magnesium and B Vitamins. Vitality + is an abundant source of PROTEIN it comes from only the highest quality seeds which are then skilfully milled. It contains a 50% protein content with no additives. It is one of the highest plant protein supplements out there! With a lower fat content and high fibre, it is the best choice for horses'. It does not contain whey powder, which is used in almost all muscle building products for humans and horses. Whey protein is derived from whey, which is a by-product of cow's milk! 

Horses need protein in their diet. There is a misconception that it will make your horse hot, potentially cause kidney issues or laminitis. Sorry to break it to you but this myth has been busted! Out of all the components in your horses diet this is the most important. It provides the building blocks to support bone density, muscle recovery and growth. It virtually assists all of the soft tissue growth and repair. Furthermore is aids with carrying oxygen throughout the body, metabolic function, immune system support and to act as a buffer to minimise fluctuations in body pH.

Strenuous exercise does increase the need for protein in the diet of the adult horse. The protein is needed to support increased muscle development mass and to replace nitrogen lost in sweat. Studies have shown that it also excellent for lactating or pregnant mares. 

Horses which receive inadequate amounts of protein in their diets can suffer a number issues,  including decreased growth and development in youngsters, reduced appetite (resulting in weight loss), body tissue loss, slow hoof growth, energy deficit, and a poor hair coat with reduced shedding in adults. Muscle deterioration, especially in the hindquarters, also might be evident, and some horses will begin eating wooden railing or manure. With an adjusted diet, most of the signs of protein deficiency in horses can be remedied quickly. 

Vitality+ will help replenish, grow and repair connective tissue. It is the ultimate recovery for your horse.  For horses who have difficulty putting on muscle and top line Vitality+ will be of great assistance. 


Available in 5kg & 20kgs. 

5kg $68.95

20kg $179.95



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High horse Omega +

OMEGA+ contains the highest Omega 3, 6 & 9 ratio on the market!


It is designed to put an unrivalled spring in your horse's step! 


+ Reduce inflammation 


+ Improve muscle and cellular membrane function 


+ Aid cardiovascular health 


+ Repair and protect joint, bone & cartilage


+ Nourish hoof, skin and coat 


+ Reduce anxiety, nervousness & depression 


+ Improve concentration 


+ Boost fertility in stallions and broodmares 




+ Assist skin allergies & irritation in airways

1lt $54.95

10lt $409.95



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100% pure organic & chelated minerals. NO SUGARS & no hidden fillers making it a safe choice for horses with laminitis or insulin resistance. Flower's Gold fed alongside Hair in a Bucket and/or QI Ease will greatly enhance the result of both these feed supplements. Feeding 110g per day meets the daily dietary needs for horses living under Australian conditions delivering the optimum balance of necessary minerals & vitamins for total health & wellbeing.

RRP 2KG $31.95 4KG $62.50 12KG $142.95 20KG $200



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A dietary supplement to manage the immune response in your horse to improve quality of life during the warmer months when biting insects are around. Horses susceptible to skin irritation often have an over reactive response to biting insects (allergy to the midge saliva). QI Ease works by boosting the immune system while stabilising an over active response to an itchy bite. It also helps down regulate the inflammatory reaction to the bite. Further ingredients help the skin to repair and grow new healthy hair.  Feeding just 50g per day will see results in 14-21 days. Safe for use in pregnant mares, foals & breeding stallions. Recommended to be fed alongside Flower's Gold for optimum results.

RRP 2.5KG $91.50 6.5KG $200 10KG $250



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engineered to facilitate quality hoof &/or hair growth. Successful hair growth is achieved easily in a healthy horse fed the necessary building blocks for rapid hair metabolism. By feeding 50 grams daily "Hair in a bucket's" mineral composition facilitates rapid hair metabolism. Best results can be expected when fed alongside Flower's Gold


RRP 2kg $54 3kg $80 10kg $200



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100% natural and 100% safe for sore, itchy or dry skin on horses, dogs, cows and pigs. QI Gold Serum is a superb quality nutrient rich oil blend designed to deter biting insects, promote healthy new skin and stimulate healthy hair growth. Used sparingly every 3-4 days will see new healthy hair growth in as little a 1 week.



RRP 450ML $25 950ML $39



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Anitone is a natural organic liquid mineral and trace element feed supplement for all animals. A liquid, organic, nutritional supplement providing over 60 minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable, chelated form to supplement the diets of all domestic animals.

  Anitone is the only liquid animal supplement available on the market for animal production with such a comprehensive range of ingredients, containing not only essential minerals, but also amino acids, and Vitamins A, D and Vitamin E.   Anitone is the only feed supplement on the market that is fermented in a process that mimics natural digestive processes, and is therefore highly palatable and relished by most animals.

Available in sizes -

250ml $12.00

500ml $16.50

1lt $24.95

5lt $76.95

10lt $139

20lt $239



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The ORIGINAL highly concentrated, PREMIUM formula.  Loaded with the highest quality Natural Oils and Vitamins for the ultimate conditioning treatment for your horse. Used and reccommended by many showing professionals, HSE Hot Oil is the ultimate coat oil to keep skin and coat hair in silky, gleaming condition.  Coconut, Almond, Jojoba & Sunflower penetrate both the hair and skin to nourish and promote growth, Vitamin E & A with their anti-oxidant properties, feed the skin and protect from damage.


125ml $14.95


500ml $26.95


1lt $45.95



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Pure Luxury!  HSE Showtime Coat Oil is formulated for the ULTIMATE show ring shine.  As a final rinse before the show, this oil will bring out the very best colour and glow, leaving a glassy mirror finish


HSE has combined our high quality natural oils with high refractive shine ingredients found in only the best Salon hair glossing products. Anti-Static & Dust Repellant qualities will get your show pony in the ring looking slick and polished.


Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way. When this gorgeous oil is mixed with water and applied to the coat it feels like pure silk.  As with HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner, this coat oil is very mild and can be used neat as a highlighter. Used in a spray/mister bottle is also polishes the mane and tail without heavy greasiness.  For the professional producer looking for a glosser to give that very slick, wet look shine...Showtime is for you.


100ml $14.95


500ml $31.95



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Hair detangler and polish.


Highly conditioning, long lasting (even after washing), anti-static, and zero build up make this detangler stand head and shoulders above the rest. It's smooth as silk formula with Vitamin E and Silk Proteins to protect and strengthen hair, UV protection from sun damage


Just a small amount rubbed or combed through the mane and tail gives a brilliant protective shine with a fine powdery finish and feel. Liquid Silk removed knots and tangles, controls flyaways and prevents breakage. Light enough to use as a show day mane/tail polish.


250ML $29.95


500ML $56.95



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Glass Pro is unique to the coat shine market, a totally concentrated product that lasts for ages. As with all our value for money concentrates, it does not contain fillers – Water, Mineral Oil, Butane/Propellants (areosol) etc, so you get much more shine for your dollar. Glass is non flaking/filming, does not attract dust, contains conditioning emollients, allows the coat and skin to breathe and finishes with a powder/talc like non greasy feel.


Glass Pro Coat Laminator will produce a healthy glow look to full on laminated shine in an easy to use trigger spray. Can be applied directly to the coat dry, or wet after washing, Glass is also designed to be used with HSE Hot Oil & Showtime for a deep, healthy gloss.


Available in 500ml trigger spray.


Glass Pro is unique to the coat shine market, a totally concentrated product that lasts for ages. As with all our value for money concentrates, it does not contain fillers - Water, Mineral Oil, Butane/Propellants (areosol) etc, so you get much more shine for your dollar. Glass is non flaking/filming, does not attract dust, contains conditioning emollients, allows the coat and skin to breathe and finishes with a powder/talc like non greasy feel.


Glass Pro Coat Laminator will produce a healthy glow look to full on laminated shine in an easy to use trigger spray. Can be applied directly to the coat dry, or wet after washing, Glass is also designed to be used with HSE Hot Oil & Showtime for a deep, healthy gloss.


500ml $46.95



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GOT BRASS?? Yellow or discoloured manes or tails? Whites not Bright? Flaxen is just a little too orange?

HITONE SILVER – Concentrated Liquid Toner for Whites, Greys & Blonde

No more scrubbing with harsh detergents to get those white tails silvery white! One capful (5ml) per litre of water will get rid of yellowing alltogether.

At HSE and Nags To Riches we like things simple, safe and highly effective. HiTone has been developed and tested on Grey's and coloured horses with brilliant results. Formulated with premium conditioning ingredients so that it is gentle to the hair and will not strip the natural moisture. Safe to use on the body, stockings/socks etc.

RRP 125ml $20.95



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HG = Hair Grow!  HSE HG Serum is a concentrated serum for use on manes and tails where horses have rubbed out or broken the hair leaving unsightly patches.  Natural lipids, esters, vitamins, infused and macerated oils make up this unscented serum, all the ingredients chosen specifically for their ability to support rapid hair growth.

Anti-bacterial/fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are also a feature of many of these natural ingredients.

Soothe itching, support and feed the hair follicle and control dandruff with just a small amount of serum rubbed into the skin at the base of the hair daily, and watch it grow....

RRP 125ml $24.95



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Thick Hair Conditioner for dry/damaged hair.

Intensify Conditioning Mask can be used for Dry/Damaged Manes & Tails. Practically speaking, it has been designed as an ultimate conditioner for long hair after shampooing, particularly where horses have fragile mane/tail hair, live out in paddock weather, have just come in to work for showing etc. It will produce a silky mane and tail that is resistant to breakage and sun damage.

Partners with HSE Liquid Silk. Shampoo, treat with Intensify, apply Liquid Silk for daily maintinence.

Intensify Conditioning Butter – Blonde/Grey also contains Optical Brighteners to eliminate yellowing and enhance natural colour.


Directions for use: Apply to clean wet or dry hair, leave on for 10 min, longer if required for Flaxen/Grey hair, then rinse.

RRP 400g $30.95



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Value Plus Fly Spray

125ml -$10.50

500ml -$21.50



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Click to see full size image


Glass Pro ILLUMINATE - Eye & Muzzle Highlighter


A new standard....  'Illuminate' is a unique clear highlighter gel for the eye & muzzle area.  Condition the skin as you highlight!  Formulated with all Natural oils including Macadamia, Castor & Vitamin E, PLUS added UV filters for sun protection.


 Unique dual layer technology delivers a moisture burst to the skin on application, super fine, high quality oils penetrate and protect the delicate fine skin around the eye and muzzle areas, making the skin look darker and healthy with a natural glow.  the second layer with its exceptional shine, forms a natural flexible film on the skin and hair that stays put... this film only moves or spreads when you blend it, then sets back into its high gloss layer, all the while staying permeable allowing the skin to breathe.


Some Benefits:

~100% Natural Conditioning Oils

~NO Mineral/Paraffin Oils or Waxes

~Built in UV Protection

~NO beading or balling up on skin & hair

~NO bleeding/migration

~Crystal Clear incredible SHINE

~Easy to use Gel formulation that does not freeze or melt!

~Convenient flip top tube packaging reduces waste & contamination




No more waiting for sticky, wax based gels & creams to warm up to your horses body temperature after application to provide gloss, Glass Pro Illuminate contains the latest natural gelling technology that is instantly ready to use no matter what the weather is like, hot or cold.


Illuminate is easy to blend, does not dissolve chalks or colours, and is 100% safe for use around the delicate equine eye & muzzle areas with no nasty chemicals added.


Illuminate can be used for subtle, soft highlights through to super glam shine.


RRP 100ml $24.95 


          200ml $39.95



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Troy Electrolyte Replacer

Troy's Electrolyte Replacer contains a balanced formulation to correct electrolyte depletion and acid base disorders in horses under heavy muscular work and hot weather.

Also indicated as an aid in the treatment of dehydration if given with water.

Administer 50g (2 measures) daily, mixed with the feed or diluted in drinking water.

Electrolyte Replacer is available in 3kg and 20kg tubs.

Store below 30°C (room temperature). Keep container tightly closed.



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Recharge is a “sports drink” for horses that rapidly restores blood electrolyte and fluid levels following exercise, travelling and sweat loss.

Especially formulated to counteract fatigue and dehydration after heavy sweat loss, RECHARGE replaces the essential salts, plus glucose to provide energy and facilitate the uptake of fluids and salts into the bloodstream. Recharge stimulates thirst, encouraging water intake after administration. Recharge comes in a portable pack so horse owners can easily take it to shows, or in the car to administer during travel. It is apple flavoured and can be mixed with water or squirted over the back of the tongue.

Recharge comes in a 1L chamber-measure bottle and a 5L cask.



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